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Welcome to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia

Our Mission Statement

- We strongly believe that the customer comes first and that we are obligated to be an innovative partner to society.
- We base our activities on honesty, harmony, and a clear distinction between public and private life.
- We shall strive for innovative management and technological development from an international perspective.

Company Overview

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioners Australia Pty Ltd (MHIAA) is a major supplier of commercial and residential air conditioning products in Australia and other South Pacific countries. MHIAA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, a large and diverse organisation that has many divisions such as ship building, power plant, general machinery, aerospace and of course air conditioning.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries entered this market with air conditioners in the 1970’s, when the products were distributed via a trading house; the business was taken over in 1999 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Australia. By 2009 the popularity of our air conditioners had grown to such an extent that it was time to form this new company MHIAA which succeeded the relevant business from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Australia.

Here in Australia we enjoy a reputation for supplying a comprehensive range of technically advanced energy efficient air conditioning systems. We have sales offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth and Auckland to service our growing dealer and retail sales routes. We look forward to continue our expansion into the Australian and South Pacific region.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MHIAA supports a range of causes and organisations in Australia:

MHIAA is proud to be launching our first Workplace Giving program in July, through our partnership with Corporate Citizen.

Workplace Giving is an initiative that provides an opportunity for all MHIAA employees to make donations to causes they are passionate about directly from their pre-taxed pay.

MHIAA is committed to supporting each of the charities involved in the program by matching all employee contributions dollar for dollar.

Whether we’re helping children to receive an education, finding a cure for cancer, saving endangered animals or lending a hand to those affected by poverty, at home or overseas, together we can help to make a difference.