KX VRF Commissioning Request Form

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If you are unsure of anything on this form, please contact MHIAA Technical Support - 1300 138 007.     
Ensure at your requested commissioning date that the experienced personnel who installed the equipment are on site with their required tools and equipment, e.g. – 240v extension lead, 240v power outlet at the outdoor unit location for a laptop computer connection, scales, gauges, hand tools, additional R410A refrigerant, vacuum gauge, etc.  

N.B: The attending MHIAA technical service engineer capacity is in a supervising role only.    
MHIAA Charges $150.00 per hour + gst for labour, plus flights, meals, hire car and accommodation costs to return to any project due to installation procedures ignored that resulted in a cancelled commissioning request.  A purchase order will be required before MHIAA returns to any cancelled project.  Do not exceed 1500 Kpa in pressure where any piping is connected to the outdoor unit service valves.  Branch pipe works are to be pressure tested to 4150 Kpa with nitrogen and confirmed.  All brazed joints must have nitrogen flowing through pipework when brazing - " NO EXCEPTIONS ".  The pipework vacuum reading is to be witnessed by MHIAA before refrigerant is added or valves opened and vacuum to be below 300 microns.   Strainers and joints will be randomly inspected.   

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